The Aries Moon Sign – Meaning and Compatibility

The Moon in Aries

Aries Moons are guided and shaped by their astrological ruler, Mars. Known as the God of War in mythology, this “red planet” orbits close to Earth and can be seen with the naked eye. Mars influences our passion, drive, and ambition. It’s the masculine force within all of us, that basic animalistic instinct that tells us to fight for our survival, and the hero that pushes us to keep climbing our own metaphorical mountains. Sometimes Mars is responsible for anger and aggression, but it’s also what propels us forward, to shoot for the stars, and to be courageous.

Understanding the Moon in Astrology

In mythology, she was known as the goddess Selene. As our only satellite, her lunar cycles affect the Earth in powerful ways. She directs the tides, stabilizes the climate, and keeps our orbit in balance. She is the moon. Her astrological significance is just as strong as the sun or the ascendant in our birth charts, possibly even stronger. The moon influences our emotions, shows how we feel nurtured, represents the women and mothers in our lives, and can also tell us who we are beneath the surface.

Ruled by watery Cancer, the moon finds her home at the IC or the Imum Coeli, Latin for “lowest point” of the birth chart. This is also known as the House of Home and Family. The IC is where you go to feel safe and comfortable. Just like only one side of the moon is visible from Earth, the emotional, intuitive part of yourself is hidden as well. Your moon sign reveals your emotional response that was first cultivated through your family and childhood years. Your opinions, attitudes, and approach to life are all shown through your IC. It is the ultimate window to your soul, and it carries huge significance in love and relationships.

Aries Moon: Your Deepest Self

Since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, the child-like energy associated with the first house encompasses your whole existence. Deep down, you’re a big kid at heart. You want to play and laugh and experience life to the fullest. Your moon isn’t jaded. You can dance in the rain, belt out your favorite songs, and be a free spirit without caring about other’s opinions. When life knocks you down, you get right back up. When an exciting or daring opportunity presents itself, you’re not afraid to step forward. This placement gives you a drive comparable to a firework—explosive and vibrant. Instinct and attraction are usually instantaneous. When you’re going after something, whether it’s a creative project or a relationship, you will tirelessly fight for your pursuit. When positively influenced, your moon acts like an adrenaline rush, kicking your ambition into high gear. When negatively influenced, your moon can be self-sabotaging, selfish, and impulsive.

Aries Moon in Relationships

Aries rules the first house, better known as the House of Self. The Aries-Libra axis highlights themes of self versus us. Since Aries rules the self, this can make relationships tricky. Your highest goal is to discover who you are as an individual. In relationships, this “I” mentality can make it hard to maintain successful relationships. On one hand, you’re beloved for your energetic nature. On the other, it’s hard for you to mold yourself into the “we” that makes relationships work. This doesn’t mean you have to change the entirety of what makes you you. If you did, you wouldn’t be staying true to your soul. You can still be the hero or heroine in your own story. You will always be the “I”, but you must adopt the ability to co-exist.

You may also find yourself jumping into relationships too quickly, which can lead to disappointment if the initial connection doesn’t go any deeper. You love the thrill of the chase, and even a shy Aries moon will be direct when it comes to matters of the heart. Issues can arise when the conquest itself clouds everything else. Sometimes you tend to get so caught up in the act of pursuing, you forget about the end goal. Look past the initial attraction, really evaluate your partner, and consider your long-term goals. Because your moon is a fire sign, you have the tendency to burn out, even in relationships. The challenge is to find someone spontaneous, energetic, playful, and most importantly—someone who will keep you both moving forward.

Aries Moon Male Vs. Female

When it comes to who we are inside, there is no difference between a male versus a female Aries moon. Both will feel and react similarly. The difference lies in how we express our moon. Men are better at tapping into their Mars (testosterone-influenced) while women can better express their Venus (estrogen-influenced). Since Aries is ruled by Mars, men will naturally express an Aries moon more comfortably than a female. These paradigms are also a result of society’s constructs. Your moon sign shows the way you feel nurtured. Women who suppress that side of themselves may be prone to depression. These women can benefit from regular exercise, activity, and therapy.

Moon in Aries Compatibility

Your Aries moon demands strength and independence, from yourself as well as your partners. You will naturally gravitate toward other fire moons, but air moons are also good matches. Stay away from water and earth moons as these partners can be too emotionally needy.

Harmonious Matches:

Sagittarius Moon– Much like yourself, Sagittarius moon natives are direct and straightforward. You’ll appreciate their honesty and the way they don’t play games. Both of you flourish in relationships where there is plenty of space and the freedom to be yourselves. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, their exuberant optimism will keep things lighthearted and fun. Their desire to travel and learn new things will satisfy your Martian instinct to move forward. You want to be on the go—and they want to keep expanding. Neither of you will ever be bored.

Leo Moon– Both of you admire strength and independence. Leo energy is fiercely proud and regal, and Aries is attracted to their outgoing nature. This relationship will be full of play, laughs, and creativity as both of you enjoy entertainment. Leo moons bring a lasting quality to your short-term attention span. They understand your need for attention better than any other sign. Their generosity and loyalty will make you feel adored and cherished. As long as you remember to respect their needs and feelings, this relationship can thrive.

Outlets for Aries Moon

It’s important for Aries moons to have a physical and/or creative outlet. You’re a pioneer in your own right, and you’re deeply motivated to express this side of yourself. Aries is a sign of action. When you’re inspired or passionate about a subject, you have the ability to call on extreme focus in order to get the job done. Find what allows your originality to shine and cultivate it.

Famous People With Moon in Aries

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