Perrie Edwards

Born July 10, 1993
30 years old 

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Moon Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Water Rooster
Numerology: Life Path 3
Height: Perrie Edwards is 5′ 3″ (1m60) tall
MBTI Type:

Perrie Louise Edwards was born on 10 July 1993 and raised in the Whiteleas area of South Shields, Tyne and Wear, to parents Alexander Edwards and Deborah Duffy. She has an older brother named Jonnie, and a younger half-sister named Caitlin Edwards, on her father’s side. Her first audition was “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. Edwards attended Radipole Primary School in Weymouth, Dorset before moving back to South Shields.

She attended St. Peter and Paul RC Primary School, and Mortimer Community College in South Shields, and later transferred to Newcastle College, where she received a BTEC in Performing Arts. Edwards lived in Hamilton, New Zealand for two years as a teenager. In May 2012, she began dating English singer and former One Direction member Zayn Malik. The couple got engaged in August 2013 but broke up in August 2015. In February 2017, it was confirmed that she has been dating English professional footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. She has esophageal atresia, which is responsible for a bisectional scar on her stomach, and anosmia.

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Perrie Edwards natal chart

Positions of Planets
Sun 18°34′ Cancer
Moon 6°35′ Aries
Mercury 25°15′ Я Cancer
Venus 5°15′ Gemini
Mars 10°17′ Virgo
Jupiter 7°00′ Libra
Saturn 29°35′ Я Aquarius
Uranus 20°17′ Я Capricorn
Neptune 19°48′ Я Capricorn
Pluto 22°52′ Я Scorpio
Chiron 22°52′ Leo
Ceres 29°17′ Aries
Pallas 10°39′ Я Pisces
Juno 21°42′ Leo
Vesta 12°11′ Pisces
Node 11°30′ Я Sagittarius
Lilith 1°27′ Я Aries
Fortune 5°36′ Libra
AS 17°35′ Capricorn
MC 27°08′ Scorpio

List of Aspects
Uranus Conjunction Neptune Orb 0°28′
Neptune Conjunction AS Orb 2°13′
Uranus Conjunction AS Orb 2°41′
Pluto Conjunction MC Orb 4°16′
Sun Conjunction Mercury Orb 6°40′
Moon Opposite Jupiter Orb 0°25′
Sun Opposite AS Orb 0°59′
Sun Opposite Neptune Orb 1°13′
Sun Opposite Uranus Orb 1°42′
Mercury Opposite Uranus Orb 4°58′
Mercury Opposite Neptune Orb 5°27′
Mercury Opposite AS Orb 7°40′
Venus Opposite MC Orb 8°06′
Saturn Square MC Orb 2°26′
Venus Square Mars Orb 5°01′
Venus Square Saturn Orb 5°40′
Saturn Square Pluto Orb 6°43′
Venus Trine Jupiter Orb 1°45′
Mercury Trine MC Orb 1°53′
Mercury Trine Pluto Orb 2°23′
Sun Trine Pluto Orb 4°17′
Mars Trine AS Orb 7°18′
Sun Trine MC Orb 8°33′
Moon Sextile Venus Orb 1°20′
Uranus Sextile Pluto Orb 2°35′
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 3°03′
Pluto Sextile AS Orb 5°16′
Mercury SemiSquare Mars Orb 0°01′
Jupiter SemiSquare Pluto Orb 0°51′
Sun SemiSquare Venus Orb 1°40′
Venus SesquiQuadrate Uranus Orb 0°01′
Venus SesquiQuadrate Neptune Orb 0°27′
Moon SesquiQuadrate Pluto Orb 1°16′
Mercury Quintile Jupiter Orb 0°14′
Mars Quintile Pluto Orb 0°35′

The sign of Cancer (June 22 – July 22) has very little to do with that prickly crustacean, believe it or not. In fact, it’s hard to pin down exactly what constitutes the Cancer personality.  The ancient Egyptians perceived Cancer as the sacred scarab. It was a symbol of resurrection and immortality and they often placed a carving of a scarab in the body where the heart had been, as part of the mummification process.

Cancers are very imaginative and intuitive. They make great artists and musicians. They’re not risk takers, and will take the time to contemplate all sorts of outcomes and probabilities before taking on a new venture. They’re very sympathetic and protective of those around them. They will help out in whatever way they can, although not impulsively and will temper their generosity with calculating all the risks first. They’re emotional and loving, and great family and pet people.

With the Moon in Aries, you’ve got a pushy disposition. Your reactions are swift and fast, and you never question them for an instant. As a consequence, you tend to be rather decisive of your opinions and dislike it when others question or contradict you. Patience isn’t your forte. You won’t spend excess time deliberating tedious details; you like to dive right in and let the chips fall where they may.

In the spirited sign of Aries, the Moon endows you with attractiveness, enthusiasm, and a special penchant for winning other’s support. You’re very keen on talking about nearly anything and may sound very informed on a broad variety of topics. Nevertheless, you’ve got a fleeting attention span. Though passion and energy overflow, the long, onerous demands involved can cause you to fall short of your goal. Despite that, you’re ever quick to pick yourself up and progress forward onto new and exciting prospects. However, if you’re chasing an aim you actually care strongly about, you may push yourself to the limit of your patience.

Those with this Mercury position, are sensitive to what others think about them. They possess an almost sixth-sense for detecting signals from all around them. They believe that if we had to depend only on our eyes we would perceive very little. People with Mercury in Cancer are chameleon-like in the way they are able to adapt to various kinds of people. This is not to say that they don’t cling possessively to their own ideas.

They can be a bit closed-minded, but others would need to be as psychic as they are to discern this. They maintain a pleasant social face. Your viewpoint is always intensely personal—you’re fond of examining large issues in terms of your own feelings. Gifted with a potent imagination, a poetic mind, and an excellent memory, Mercury in-Cancer people flourish as scholars, historians, educators, and authors. They are expected to make a profit in real estate and may inherit wealth from the maternal side of their family. They are sometimes plagued with irrational phobias, such as a fear of flying.

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If you have Venus in Gemini you must have an mental affinity with someone before your hearts start to blossom. Essentially, you have a cheerful disposition toward love. Deep, complex emotional engagements are like an anchor around your throat. You have such a broad range of interests—travel, literature, music, recognizing new areas (and meeting new people)—that a partner just can’t be the only center of your life.

This confers a definite coolness to your sentiments. Your inconstancy seldom produces challenges in love or marriage, but you spring back promptly. Not even a frustrated lover can be annoyed at you very long—you are too charming, amusing, and entertaining. You relish being with people and possess lots of friends, and often more than one sweetheart. (Venus exercises its most provocative influence in Gemini.) This placement of Venus also excites a casual and loose hand for squandering money.

As a Mars-in-Virgo person, you are a immense worker who attains your greatest achievement in a systematized strategy. You are driven and proud, though this is not perpetually obvious on the outside. Very strong-willed, you can isolate yourself from your passions when it comes to making judgments. In your craft you are shrewd, calculating, and calmly resolved.

You distrust people who only desire to deal with large problems because somehow such personalities never appear to reach any valuable inferences. Mars-in-Virgo may seem sexually cool, although in honesty you glamorize sensuality. You desire it to be both corporally ecstatic and mentally stimulating. Your appetites are powerful but kept under tight restraint. Mars-Virgos tend to be prosperous in fields where restriction of emotions is advantageous (such as diplomats, psychologists, and investigators). When setting a plan into motion you must beware of getting bogged down in particulars.

Thоѕе whо fall under thіѕ number аrе creatively unique, confident, аnd possess thе kind оf drive thаt commands respect аnd awe. Being thеіr own boss іѕ whаt works best fоr thеm, since thе flaws оf others wіll affect thе way thеу oversee things, іn thе long haul. Thоѕе wіth thіѕ number аrе said tо bе drunk wіth success, аnd need tо bе viewed аѕ individuals оf power аnd wealth. Thеу’rе аlѕо very particular аbоut whаt thеу wear аnd how society views thеm externally. Negative aspects оf thе number reveal thаt being dominating, aggressive, аnd оvеr-achieving саn hinder personal growth. Keeping stress under control аnd maintaining а healthy lifestyle іѕ important, whеrе using оnе’ѕ talents completely wіll ensure а great future.

Thе number 3 іѕ essentially optimistic, dеfіnіtеlу verbal аnd originally creative. Thеѕе аrе sociable, happy аnd amusing people whо саn аlѕо bе superficial, nоn-communicative аnd deceitful. Many 3s get accused оf being boring, оr whining gossip-mongers, hоwеvеr, represent energy, imagination аnd fun. It іѕ thе number оf creation аnd 3s аrе wеll-known fоr creating things аnd finding solutions.

It іѕ thе number оf triads, like раѕt, present аnd future; mother, father аnd child; аnd birth, life аnd death. Thе number 3 people аrе represented bу thе ‘Empress’ іn thе tarot cards. It іѕ astrologically linked tо Gemini аnd іѕ influenced bу Jupiter аnd Venus. 3 іѕ ruled bу fire аnd earth. Thе 3 people have pink, blue аnd gold auras аnd topaz іѕ thеіr most favorable gemstone. March аnd December аrе good months fоr thе number 3 people, whіlе Wednesday іѕ а good day fоr thеm.

If you were born in the years 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981 or 1993 then you’re a Rooster. The Rooster is described as a pioneer in spirit, devoted to work and the quest for knowledge. It is selfish and eccentric and is best matched with Snakes and Oxen. Oddly enough, the writer is a Snake and her sister is a Rooster.

We do think there’s something to this astrology thing! Roosters are quick thinkers and are practical and resourceful, preferring to stick to what is tried and true rather than taking unnecessary risks. Roosters are keenly observers of their surroundings and those around them. It’s hard to slip anything past a Rooster, since they seem to have eyes in the backs of their heads. This quality can lead others to think the Rooster is psychic, but that’s not generally the case; instead, this Sign enjoys a keen attention to detail that makes it a whiz at anything requiring close analysis.

Nurturing yet dangerous, vital and deadly, water is a ripe with contradiction. In moderate amounts it is a blessing, in over abundance, a curse. Water is the only element with the ability to put out fire and make things grow and thrive. Water is vital to our very survival. Without water crops wither and die and there is no food. The human body, and in fact, all life on Earth is dependent upon water. Yet, even for life, water has the potential to be deadly. Too much water in the body leads to water intoxication and even death. It is, however, a delicate balance.

Too little water and all life withers and dies with the effects of the hot sun. Too much water chokes out needed oxygen and drowns. It is for this very reason the element water is represented by the color black. Water rules intelligence and wisdom. People born under the element water are uncommonly intelligent and capable. For all their wisdom and reasoning ability, water people tend to have difficulty making and sticking to decisions. Diplomatic, and intuitive, water people are flexible. They have a special ability to ‘go with the flow’ and are usually easygoing.

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