Gary Goldschneider

Born May 22, 1939
Died october 5, 2019 (age 80)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Moon Sign: Cancer
Rising Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Earth Rabbit
Numerology: Life Path 4
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Profession: writer
Best Known For: The Secret Language of Birthdays
MBTI Type:

Gary Goldschneider ( 22 May 1939 – 5 October 2019) was a writer, pianist, composer, and personologist. He is known for writing the Secret Language personological book series, based on astrology, numerology, and tarot, in which he studied and assessed character traits of over 14,000 people to generalize birth characteristics for each day of the year. In addition, Goldschneider has performed several “marathon” piano pieces, such as playing all 32 of Beethoven’s sonatas in one sitting. On another occasion in Nevada City, California, in 1984, he performed all of Mozart’s sonatas in one sitting, only taking three breaks to consume water. This took approximately six hours.

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Gary Goldschneider birth chart

Positions of Planets
Sun 1°02′ Gemini
Moon 21°59′ Cancer
Mercury 14°11′ Taurus
Venus 2°58′ Taurus
Mars 29°23′ Capricorn
Jupiter 2°08′ Aries
Saturn 26°01′ Aries
Uranus 18°37′ Taurus
Neptune 20°34′ Я Virgo
Pluto 29°34′ Cancer
Chiron 7°43′ Cancer
Ceres 23°59′ Gemini
Pallas 11°17′ Taurus
Juno 29°07′ Aquarius
Vesta 10°44′ Aries
Node 8°15′ Я Scorpio
Lilith 28°17′ Capricorn
Fortune 22°21′ Libra
AS 13°18′ Sagittarius
MC 2°17′ Libra

List of Aspects
Mercury Conjunction Uranus Orb 4°26′
Venus Conjunction Saturn Orb 6°56′
Moon Conjunction Pluto Orb 7°35′
Jupiter Opposite MC Orb 0°08′
Mars Opposite Pluto Orb 0°10′
Moon Opposite Mars Orb 7°24′
Mars Square Saturn Orb 3°22′
Venus Square Pluto Orb 3°23′
Saturn Square Pluto Orb 3°32′
Venus Square Mars Orb 3°34′
Moon Square Saturn Orb 4°02′
Neptune Square AS Orb 7°16′
Sun Trine MC Orb 1°14′
Sun Trine Mars Orb 1°38′
Uranus Trine Neptune Orb 1°57′
Jupiter Trine Pluto Orb 2°34′
Mars Trine MC Orb 2°53′
Mercury Trine Neptune Orb 6°23′
Sun Sextile Jupiter Orb 1°06′
Moon Sextile Neptune Orb 1°24′
Sun Sextile Pluto Orb 1°28′
Pluto Sextile MC Orb 2°42′
Mars Sextile Jupiter Orb 2°44′
Moon Sextile Uranus Orb 3°21′
Venus Inconjunction MC Orb 0°41′
Mercury Inconjunction AS Orb 0°52′
Mars SemiSquare AS Orb 1°05′
Jupiter SemiSquare Uranus Orb 1°28′
Pluto SesquiQuadrate AS Orb 1°15′
Uranus SesquiQuadrate MC Orb 1°20′
Saturn SesquiQuadrate AS Orb 2°16′
Uranus Quintile Pluto Orb 1°03′
Saturn BiQuintile Neptune Orb 0°32′
Venus SemiSextile Jupiter Orb 0°49′

The sign of Gemini (May 22 – June 21). Geminis can be contradictory, people with dualities to their nature that can perplex their friends, families and lovers. They love versatility and change, but can be flighty and mutable to create interest in their lives. They don’t like routine. Decision-making can be difficult for them and they can often change their minds.

They have a strong intellect and love mental challenges. They catch on to new ideas quickly. They have an analytical side and can see both sides to an issue. Boredom is a big issue for Geminis and they can get into trouble looking for some excitement. But they’re very creative and active and should have outlets for all this energy like artistic projects or exercise or vigorous sports like racquetball.

Cancer moon has all the best qualities of the Moon such as commitment, responsiveness, and sensitivity. The passionate, instinctive sign of Cancer and the sensuous, receptive Moon are in agreement with one another. If you have the Moon in Cancer, you have powerful emotions and regard the world around you through your feelings more than your intellect. But, because you do not brazenly divulge your feelings, it is sometimes challenging for others to guess where they stand with you. You are typically more receptive than aggressive. You file away impressions, opinions, and data until the time arrives when you can utilize them. Lunar Cancerians usually shine in an artistic or bookish way. Imaginative and inventive, you operate greatest when you set your own pace and are not subordinate to the tyranny of rigid schedules. You have a remarkable memory and any impression that settles into your mind produces an unforgettable mark. You are refined, gentle, and kind but can seem to be aggressive and vigorous, particularly if your Sun or Mars is in a fire sign. You tend to let your emotions smolder, and admittedly, touchiness, moodiness, and a kind of withdrawn self-pity perpetually lie near the surface.

Those with Mercury in Taurus never start on a project before they are totally prepared. They have a reasonable, firm, and practical mind. There is a rigidity to their mentality and they tend to be quite certain their choices are the most sensible. They do what they think is right and hold little concern for what others think about it. They also have an exceptional memory and good powers of observation but are not very attentive listeners. It can be very difficult to change their minds once they’ve been made up.

Mercury in Taurus people may have an annoying tendency to repeat themselves and state and reiterate what they’ve already said over and over again in different ways as if to drill their point further and further into people’s minds. Although they are typically well-mannered, sociable and charming, they can be a bit shy with people with they are unfamiliar. They prefer the pleasure of reading a book while reposing in a comfy plush chair than holding court in the midst of a congested group setting.

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Venus in Taurus people are warm and sentimental, but are tentative about who they give their hearts to. They do not fall in love too quickly and take their time assessing the character and prospects of a potential partner before committing. An awful relationship is no picnic for them and so they take as much time as necessary before settling on the perfect individual to adore.

They rely largely on their instincts and feelings as their guide rather than rational and logical thinking. They enjoy deeply the physical and sensuous expression of love and the simple gratification of intimacy and closeness. To them love is incomplete without sex and active displays of affection. Venus in Taurus people are very demonstrative of their love. Sometimes they can be smothering and possessive. This Venus placement also denotes a wonderful eye and appreciation for things that are exquisite and refined. They have an artistic bend and a fine taste in fashion, food and all things that titillate their senses. 

Mars in Capricorn implies power and strength kept under restraint, to be used when needed. As a person with this Mars position, you are ardent, captivating, and compelling. Your energy rests in your determination and capacity to endure. When barriers obstruct your pathway you roll over them roughshod. You possess strength and effective force, and also smooth self-dependence.

Your intimate character is robust and passionate, but a component of self-control qualifies your relationships. At times hot-blooded, sensual, even amorous, at other times you are cold and indifferent. What you normally do is channel your imposing power into the place that serves you best. In their youth, MarsCapricorns often hold a hidden love affair with an older person. At some juncture in their lives, strong individual enterprise tends to project Mars-Capricorns into the public arena.

Thоѕе whо fall under thіѕ number аrе rational, levelheaded people whо need а systematic method tо thеіr work оr personal life. Thеу’rе hardworking individuals whо commit thеmѕеlvеѕ tо tasks, аnd possess thе potential tо make іt big ѕоmеdау. Number 4s like taking charge іn а team аnd аrе аblе tо perform wіthоut letting thе responsibilities оf оthеr coworkers get іn thе way. Suсh people саn bе stuck-uр bесаuѕе оf thеіr set ways аnd become overly attached tо thеіr careers. Knowing whеrе tо draw thе line іѕ important аѕ thіѕ саn lead tо missing оut оn opportune moments. Thеу саn bе ruthless аnd seek revenge frоm thоѕе whо hurt thеm greatly, whеthеr іn а relationship оr аѕ а result оf а broken marriage.

Thе number 4 people аrе pragmatic, faithful аnd disciplined. Thеу аrе аlѕо organized аnd cautious. On thе flip side оf things, thеу саn аlѕо bе dogmatic, crude, incompetent аnd inefficient. Thе number 4 іѕ traditional, practical, respectable аnd sober. Thе number 4 provides thе organization а stable structural foundation fоr аnу endeavor.

It іѕ represented bу thе tarot ‘Emperor’. Saturn аnd Earth influence thе number 4 people. Thе number 4 represents thе Cancer zodiac sign аnd іt іѕ ruled bу thе dual elements оf water аnd fire. Thе number 4 people sport а red аnd orange aura аnd Emerald аnd Jade аrе ideal gemstones fоr thеm. Thе month оf April аnd Thursdays аrе lucky fоr thе number 4 people. Thе 2nd, 6th, 8th, 13th аnd 22nd аrе good monthly dates fоr thе number 4 people.

Timid and attractive, the Rabbits of the Chinese Zodiac tend to act more like bunnies, whether they like it or not! This Sign is extremely popular and has a wide circle of family and friends. Its compassionate nature leads it to be very protective of those it holds dear, but where romance is concerned, the Rabbit’s sentimentality can lead it to idealize relationships. The sweet, sensitive Rabbit often ends up giving more of itself to a partner than is realistic or healthy. The good news is, when this Sign goes off-balance, the Rabbit’s core group of friends and its stable home life help bring it back to center.

Lacking close, supportive friends and family, the Rabbit might just break down in tears at the first sign of conflict. The Rabbit is a rather delicate Sign that needs a solid base in order to thrive. Lacking close, supportive friends and family, the Rabbit might just break down in tears at the first sign of conflict. Emotional upsets in this Sign’s life can even lead to physical illnesses. Rabbits dislike arguments and other conflict and will try anything to avoid a fight; this results in something of a pushover nature. Rabbits can also lapse into pessimism and may seem stuck in life — often to mask their insecure natures. Rabbits tend to move through life’s lessons at their own, rather contemplative pace; it’s a waste of time to become exasperated with this Sign’s seeming disinterest in facing its problems and conquering them.

Unlike the position of the Earth in our solar system, the element of earth lies dead center in the Chinese astrological charts. This is probably because ancients believed the Earth was the center of the universe and all celestial bodies circled our planet. People born under the element of Earth seem to feel the universe revolves around them as well. Self –centered, ambitious and stubborn, earth people are used to getting what they want and achieving their goals. Failure is foreign to them. Goals are achieved through hard work and determination. Earth people know how to plan for the long term and they are stable enough to stick with the plan to its success. The stubbornness of the earth element is a double-edged sword, giving those born under its rule the determination to follow through when things are tough, and the audacity to defend their point, even when they are wrong.
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